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Kent Road, Regent, Whangārei 0112
Mailing Address: PO Box 5034, Whangārei 0140

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Key Contacts

Student Centre

Direct dial 430 4176 or 430 4170 ext. 724
Absences, messages for your son etc.  Please leave a message on the voice mail as these are cleared regularly.


430 4170
Accounts Payable / [email protected]

Accounts Receivable (Student fees) / [email protected]

General Enquiries:

430 4170

[email protected]

International Department:

[email protected]

Enrolment Officer:

430 4170 ext 742

[email protected]  for any enrolment enquiries

Wellness Centre (Te Awatea):

430 4170 ext 807

Receptionist Mrs Treena Shrimpton, Registered Nurse Leanne Going, [email protected] ,

Carruth House:

[email protected]

Board of Trustees:

[email protected]

Departmental Contacts

To email our staff use firstinitial(dot)[email protected]  eg: [email protected]

Art Vanessa Luders
Drama Fiona Churcher
Careers & Transition Bronwyn Jenkins
Curriculum Leader Geography Renee Gordon
Curriculum Leader Y9 & Y10 Social Studies Lisa Ross
Curriculum Leader Junior Commerce/Economics Kirsty Price
Curriculum Leader Psychology David Moore
Faculty Leader – Senior Social Sciences Kirsty Price
Curriculum Leader History/Classics Ritchie Burrows
Curriculum Leader Business Studies Tony Yung
Curriculum Leader Accounting Paula Horsley
Curriculum Leader – Pathways to Work Liane Cook
Computing Josh Clark
Design Technology Jon Anderson (Actg)
English Michael Nogher
ESOL Rupert Atkinson
Graphics Jon Anderson
Guidance Doug Gibbs
Health Davina Cooper
Languages Michael Nogher
Library Dee Brooker
Māori Willie Cooper
Mathematics Adrian Kitson
Music Virginia Hill
Outdoor Education Stevie Huurnink
Photography Vanessa Luders
Physical Education Pavel Tyslic
Science Sanjesh Kumar
SENCo Laura du Preez
Sports Co-ordinator Mark Oldridge
Faculty Leader – Junior Social Sciences Lisa Ross
Inclusive Learning Katrina Sylva


Yr 9 Hans Brits/Samantha Penney
Yr 10 Harry Darkins/Linda Bourke-Heerikhuisen
Yr 11 Rachel Thornton/Virginia Hill
Yr 12 Davina Cooper/Richard Price
Yr 13 Lisa Ross/Alexandra Sergeant (Acting 2021)
Director of International Students Lyn Swan
Director of


Mrs Susan Dawson

Head of Faculty

Arts Virginia Hill
Health / Physical Education/
Outdoor Education
Stevie Huurnink
English/Languages Michael Nogher
Inclusive Learning Katrina Sylva
Mathematics Adrian Kitson
Science Sanjesh Kumar
Senior Social Sciences Kirsten Price
Junior Social Sciences Lisa Ross
Technology Jon Anderson (Actg 2021)